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Search For Atlantis

Rules for Search for Atlantis
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Rules for Search for Atlantis
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Here are the rules for Search For Atlantis time for the serious stuff.
This is a Dungeons and Dragons game based on 2nd edition rules.
All characters must be one of the races described in the PHB(Player's Handbook)
Alignment: Good only please
Class: any class or multi/class as per PHB.
Kits: optional and may be taken from any of the Handbooks printed by TSR for 2nd edition.
Level: Level 1 or the same starting level as the current characters.
NO PSIONICS!!!! They give me a "head" ache.
INFRAVISION: For those characters who have infravision I have decided that it works like this. In lowlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar lighting conditions you can see as you would normally to the distance standard for infravision. It is a lot easier than trying to determine what gives off a heat signature....and what does not.
Magic users:
Magic users are NOT required to memorize spells for the day in order to cast them. NOR will you be required to make records of your spell components. You are limited to the spells contained in your books and once you use your limit for spells for the level, you are out of manna to cast them until you have slept and read the book the next day. In exchange for this easier system I need to see an ACTIVE search for spell components and will award bonus experience for those who do so.  If the spell component is rare then I will of course require you to keep track of it's use since it is harder to come by.
That is the only exception to this rule.
Priest Classes and Rangers:
You will not have to tell me what spells you are praying for in advance. I do believe that the reason one prays to the Gods while in a crisis is for a spell that is appropriate to the situation. (especially if the spell is difficult). HOWEVER.....I do require that you show me that every morning or evening, that you are actively praying to your God as a devoted priest would do. Bonus points are awarded for originality of prayers.
In the case of rangers, when you are able to cast spells, that is when I'd really like to see you begin praying in earnest. At the very least, a thank you to the God who provides you with your magic is in order. :)
1. When at least 4 people have posted I will post. It will keep the flow of continuity moving smoothly. 
2. Please READ all player's posts before making yours up. I can't stress it enough, I doubt you'd want to duplicate actions or thoughts and clears up confusion.
3. Remember you are part of a group. The Gods are watching and if you happen to forget that lesson, they may choose to teach it to you the "hard way".
4. Please, please, please do not take what is said in game PERSONALLY.  If you think someone is saying something about you that is meant to be taken personally, ask for clarification by EMAIL. or if that isn't possible, EMAIL me and ask me to contact them on your behalf. I'd hate to see a game ruined due to misunderstandings.
5. Post directly below a DM's post. In this case in the NEWEST thread. Even if you are "catching up" I'd prefer to see it in the current thread rather than an old one. It is easier to track things that way.
6. Please notify me if you plan to be absent from the game for any reason. If I don't hear from you I assume that everything is fine and there are no problems. I understand that real life can impose on us but without notification I can't decide how best to make the game move forward. If you notify me I can NPC you or have you tag along like a puppy until you can catch up. OTHERWISE some embarrassing and possibly deadly things can happen to those who don't contact me.
7. If you have a computer glitch and can't contact me from home, please try to get in touch via a library or cafe computer. It only takes a moment to email me and say hey! i've got a biiiig problem, my computer has microsoft syndrome and won't run.
8. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Since this is a game I expect to have fun so make your posts as interesting as you can. Being humerous works nicely as does having great details.
I hope you enjoy playing and I look forward to making the experience as rewarding to us all as possible.