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Search For Atlantis

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Cast of Characters : Page 1
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Delinale Sahdol ( Shadowdancer)
  An Atlantean raised by his father after his mother died he has been taught to be a Bladesinger. Upon reaching adulthood he took up his father's quest to find the lost heir to Atlantis and restore their home by finding the legacy of Atlantis. He is the future Captain of the Royal Guard.


Aravanyal Ortanore Mahan (Macon)
 Young thief caught by sShadow back in Nexus City. She accompanied the others on their quest in an attempt to try to help in any way possible. While in Egypt she was blinded. She is an student of the art of Bladedancing. She is also the heir to Atlantis everyone has been hunting for.


Efroniol Dregar
 Full blooded grey elf who ran away to get away from overly protective parents. Brought in to help the others at the palace of the Sultan in Arabia and has been travelling with the group ever since.


Galen Anders
 Human paladin of Athena, joined the adventurers in Japan at the request of his Goddess. He is travelling with the others to find the lost city of Atlantis. The son of a soldier in the King's Army he has taken his father's armor and has become a wanderer seeking his own fortune.