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Search For Atlantis

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Sleg Straightarrow
  Halfling thief born to a travelling family. He was left behind by accident while they were passing through one place. He is like any other thief, attracted to "pretty" objects. He joined the group rather than be pitched overboard while stowing away to Japan.


Arianna Wolfsong

  Half-elf maiden raised by wolves. Doesn't know her birthparents. Her foster mother Preyshadow raised her until she was 6 then brought a 2 leg to her when she was injured. She grew to trust the 2 leg after he fixed her leg and was taught by Tott how to speak and follow the druid's path.




Silas Eveningstar
 Silas is a human druid whose love of nature began at an early age. His mentor taught him about whales and sea creatures and how to care for them and preserve them from whalers. He is an active "save the whales"  conservationist wherever he goes.


Porthos Gambol
 A rather portly bard he is fond of acting. ( just ask anyone who was there when he helped defeat bandits in Japan.)  He is highly charismatic and a new helper to the group as they search for Atlantis.