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Search For Atlantis

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Cast of Characters: Page 3
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More characters from the Search for Atlantis, click on the picture for more information.


Aleesa Silverspur
  An aristocratic mage, she was the last child born and the only daughter. Her father hired the best tutors to instruct her in arcane lore and now she seeks to learn all she can about the ancient city of Atlantis. She joined the group in Japan.


Barak Duskwalker
  Raised by elves after being found as a toddler. He was the only survivor of a native caravan making it's way through the forest. The wood elves taught him everything he knows and to be a protector of nature.


Half elf she is an inhabitant of the Paradise Island that the party stopped on to rest at before they go to their final act in the quest. It is her destiny to aid these travellers in their quest.


The son of a family of smiths, Bolun felt the calling of his God Claggadin. His family was pleased and proud, and he soon proved his worth to his god. He has just joined our little group on the island of relaxation.