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Thief Item Purchase List

Thief Item Purchase List

Thief Item Purchase List
Item                        Legality                     Cost              Weight
Arm Sling                    L                           3cp                   *
Mini-blade                   L                           5cp                   *
Razor Ring (iron)         S/I                         2gp                   *
Razor Ring (silver)       S/I                         10gp                 *
Thieve's Picks              I                            30gp                 1
Acid, metal eat             L                           50gp                 *
(1 vial) 
(lock) Chisels(3set)      L                            2gp                  1
Hacksaw (equiv)          L                            3gp                  1
Hacksaw blade             L                           6sp                  *
Metal File                     L                           5cp                  *
Wire Cutters                 L/S                        1gp                  *
Funnel, small                 I                            3cp                  *
Footpad's Boots           I                            8cp                   3
Silenced Armor **       S                           750+gp             50
Leather straps (pair)     L                           3sp                    1
Darksuit                       S                           30gp                  5
Woodland Suit             L/S                        35gp                  5
Charcoal, bundle          L                           2cp                    *
Weaponblack (vial)      S                           2cp                    *
Listening Cone (brass)  L                           2gp                    *
Clawed Gloves **        I                           20gp                   1
Clawed Overshoes       I                           15gp                   1
Climbing Dagger           L                          5gp                     1
Grappling Iron              L                          3gp                      2
Wood biter arrow         L                         8sp                      *
Stone biter arrow          L                         1gp                      *
Stone biter arrow          L                         7gp                      *
Arrow minor grapple     L/S                     6gp                      *
Arrow major grapple     L/S                    10gp                     1
Climbing Spikes( iron 10)  L                    5sp                       4
Crowbar                        L                       6sp                       4
Glass Cutter (handled)    L/I                    120gp                   1
Housebreaker's Harness  I                       25gp                    2
Keymaking set                I                       60gp                     6
Limewood (bark strips 10)  L                  3cp                      *
Sharkskin (per sq ft)        L/S                  12gp                     1
Skeleton Key                  I                       var                       *
Wax, block                     L                      3cp                      *
Aniseed, vial                    L                      3cp                      *
Caltrops (10)                   L/S                  3gp                       1
Catstink, vial **               S/I                   40gp                     *
Dog Pepper, packet         S                     1sp                       *
Hand Lamp with silver mirror)  L/S          10gp                     1
Hollow boots                    I                      15gp                    3
Marbles (bag 30)              L                     2cp                      *
Blinding Powder               var                   var                       *
Death Knife **                 S/I                   12gp                    1
Folding Bow                     L/S                  45gp                    2
Pin Ring (iron)                   S/I                   2gp                      *
Pin Ring (silver)                 S/I                   10gp                    *
Sword Stick **                 L/S                  25gp                    4
Wrist Sheath                      S                     3sp                      *
Blade Boots                       I                      15gp                   3
False Scabbard **             L/S                  12gp                  1-2
Hand-Warming Lamp         L                     2sp                    *
Marked Cards, Deck **     I                     5gp                    *
Biased Dice, bone, box 4    I                     5gp                    *
Biased Dice, ivory, box 4    I                     20gp                  *

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