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The Gods of Rugalanar

The Gods of Rugalanar
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The Gods of Rugalanar are all here for you to choose from, select the best one for your character.


God/dess of the world, rules life, death and rebirth. She/he created all that is in the world, and to him/her life returns on death. She/he created the minor Gods to watch over her/his children in times of need.
Alignment: worshippers can be of any good alignment, her priests any neutral alignment.
Min Ability score: wisdom 10, 10% bonus for wis 16 or higher.
Races: any
Gender: any
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Required: religion
Recommended: read/write, herbalism, animal handling (snakes in particular)
Duties of Priesthood: guidance, marriage, ceremonies of equinoxes and moon phases, death, vigiliance against evil and despoilers of nature.
Weapons Limited to: dagger/dirk, knife, scythe, sickle, net/snare
Restrictions: vegatarian unless vegetables are scarce (may add fish and fowl), Red meat on special occaisions (at particular rituals).
Spheres of influence: all, divination, healing, necromantic(no resurrection), plant, summoning, weather MINOR: charm, animal, creation, elemental, protection, sun.
Granted powers: turn undead, laying of hands as paladin of same level


Goddess of animals and hunting, the twin sister of Ouhma. They are the oldest of Ranya/Reika's children.
Alignment: Worshippers can be of any non-evil alignment, but priests must be any Neutral.
Minimum Ability score: Wisdom 9, Charisma 13 either 16+ 5%bonus, both 16+ 10% bonus
Races: any
Gender: any
Non-weapon proficiencies: Required: animal handling, animal training
Recommended: Riding, read/write, religion, animal lore, tracking
Duties: protection of animals against unnecessary death, fight against recreational hunters or those who threaten the survival of a "natural" species.
Weapons limited to: dagger/dirk, knife, bow, quarterstaff, sword (short/long/rapier)
Restrictions: one weapon MUST be a bow as it is the primary choice of the Goddess
Sphere of influence:all, charm, plant, animal, protection MINOR: combat, healing
Granted Powers: lvl 4) talk with animals (3 species), lvl 8) ignore range modifier when using bow to 500 yards.
Rangers:+2 to hit/dmg with bow


God of justice and revenge, twin brother to Olanna.
Alignment: worshippers and priests may be any non-evil alignment.
Minimum Ability scores: wisdom 12, strength 12 either 16+ 5% bonus both 16+ 10% bonus
Races: all
Gender: all
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Required: tracking
Recommended: read/write, religion
Duties: guidance, achieve justice when it is thwarted, vigilant of any who have tried to thwart justice
Weapons limited to: dirk/dagger, knife, sickle, spear, stiletto, sword (long/kopesh, rapier, sabre, short)
Restrictions: must ALWAYS investigate stories of injustice.
Spheres of Influence: all, divination, necromantic MINOR: elemental, guardian
Granted Powers: 1st) detect lies 3x/day, 3rd) inspire fear
Paladins: +2 to hit/dmg 3x/day.


God of the arts, all music, literary, visual and dance (favors bards)
Alignment: any
Minimum ability scores: wisdom 13, charisma OR intelligence 12 either 16+ 5% bonus, both 16+ 10% bonus.
Races: any
Gender: any
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Required: artistic ability of favored art form, Recommended: dancing, singing, read/write, history (ancient/local), juggling, jumping, religion
Duties: guidance, encouragement of people who display talent, punishing defilers of art, fighting against censorship.
Weapons limited to: all bows, staff, dart, javelin, knife
Restrictions: D6 for hit points.
Sphere of influence: all, animal, charm, summoning, sun, creation MINOR: astral, healing
Granted Powers: immune to all 1st lvl spells, knowledge of (not immune to) change self , spook, fear, hallucinatory terrain, recieves +1 bonus language / level from 1-8th.
Bard: +1 spell / level