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The Search for Atlantis
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Cast of Characters
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Meet our characters: ( for more detailed information click on the pictures)


Eliard Mallorn ( Silveroak)
Raised on an island by sea elves, he only remembers a storm, capsizing and washing up onshore. They raised him and set him off on his journey.


Delianale Sahdol ( Shadowdancer)
  Raised by his father with a clan of wood elves, he has been trained from a very early age in the ancient art of bladesinging.


Elisa Strorm 
After dealing with some drunken lechers on an errand for her mother, Athena called her to her temple and appeared to her, making her a paladin for her cause.


Jason Belford
Middle child of 7, he was raised with all the courtly graces but found his calling in serving Athena as his cleric.

see page 2 for more character profiles