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The Search for Atlantis
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Cast of characters page2
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Here are more characters: ( click on picture to see more information)


Aiesha Sinalor ( Macon)
Macon as she prefers to be called, was orphaned at a young age and led into a life of crime in the streets of Nexus. She has recently been touched by Athena and now is taking up the profession of bard.


Durango Montoya
     Born in Nexus, he was the only son of a city guard and tavern barmaid. His father was killed one night during an attempt to stop a burglary. He became a thief to find the culprit and has since found the man responsible.


Caerius Grettenfault ( Dragonslayer)
Raised by his father, Caerius was educated by fine tutors, one of whom gave him a taste for magic, however....he didn't quite grasp more than the school of illusion so he stuck with it. He's rather short, but that's normal for a gnome.


Jakota Saardaaf
   Half-elf born to a full elf mother, she was unacceptable to the others in her elven community so she left and joined the druid order, she follows in her father's footsteps.

For the last two characters see page 3