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The Travellers
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The Travellers is a game based on an idea I got from watching an old television show called Sliders. If you are familiar with that show then you are all set to enjoy the Travellers, if not here is a brief run down for you.
You were just the average adventurer out to make a living or a name for yourself when you met her....she called herself Marina and she was a half-elf with an insatiable desire to acquire knowlege. She just appeared one day out of what looked like a hole in the sky. Using a strange device, she opened another portal and invited you on the journey of a lifetime...the chance to see other dimensions parallel with the one you currently live in.

This is a game open to 2nd and 3rd edition characters although you will forgive me if my DM style is a bit off in 3rd edition ( it will be my first time attempting to DM in this format).


Enjoy the game and I hope you will email me with any comments or suggestions you might have!!!

DM for Search for Atlantis and Red Dragon Pass