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The Search for Atlantis
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Search for Atlantis is a 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons game created by DM_Shadowminx

. Tales are told of the lost city of Atlantis. Every bard knows at least a dozen versions to sing before a warm fire in pleasant company. But all knew it was really just a legend, or was it? Where is the lost continent of Atlantis? Who were the people who lived there? Where are they now? You are about to find out. The time has come, prophesied by the Gods and long awaited by her people. The time to raise Atlantis is upon us. Brave souls are needed to undertake the journey to find and raise the continent and restore her to her former glory. Will you be one of them?

 This is a game currently running in in the Nexus Keep.
  Enjoy your stay.

We're about to take off on an exciting World Tour.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.