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Here are four more Gods for the choosing.


Goddess of evil and chaos.
Alignment: all evil
Minimum Ability Score: Wisdom 9  for 10%bonus 16+
Races: all
Genders: all
Non-Weapon Proficiencies:Required: religion
Recommended: read/write
Duties: dedicated to spreading evil and misery across the world, vigilant against the priests of good.
Weapons limited to: Bill, crossbow, dagger/dirk, knife, net, picks(all), polearms, scourge, scythe, sickle, stiletto, swords (long/rapier/sabre/short) whip.
Spheres of Influence: all, charm, necromantic MINOR: animal, protection, (only reversed forms of all spells)
Granted Powers: detect good 3x/day, inspire fear, control the undead


God of love and desire of all types.
Alignment: Worshippers can be of any alignment, priests of any good.
Minimum ability scores: wisdom 10, charisma 13  either 16+ 5%bonus, both 16+ 10% bonus.
Races: all
Gender: all
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Required: herbalism
Recommended: read/write, religion, dancing, singing, musical instrument
Duties: guidance, marriage, involvement in ALL matters of love
Weapons limited to: Bow (no crossbows), club, lasso, mancatcher, net.
Restrictions: Unwed at lvl 1, must be married by lvl 8 to give the God his due.
Spheres of Influence: all, animal, charm, healing, necromantic, protection, summoning. MINOR: creation, divination, guardian, plant, sun, weather.
Granted powers: charm, inspire faith, soothing word, Turn undead.


God of magic, teaches magic to mages. This God has a more direct involvement with those who seek him in his temples.
Alignment: worshippers can be any alignment, priests must be any neutral.
Minimum Ability scores: wisdom 12, intelligence 13 bonus 5% either 16+,. both 16+ 10% bonus
Races: any magic-using race
Gender: any
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Required: spellcraft,
Recommended: read/write, religion, ancient languages.
Duties: guidance, marriage ( priest/mages instruct new mages in spells)
Weapons limited to: belaying pin, dagger/dirk, dart, knife, quarterstaff, sling.
Restrictions: D6 for hit points.
Spheres of Influence: all, astral, charm, divination, elemental, healing, protection, summoning. MINOR: animal, guardian, necromantic, plant, sun, weather.
Granted Powers: inspire fear, language/communication (1-8th lvl +1 language), turn undead (evil control), 3rd) infravision as per an elf (elves double their range to 120').
Mages: +1 spell / level


God of mischief and trickery, favors rogues.
Alignment: Worshippers and priests can be of any non-lawful alignment.
Minimum Ability Scores: wisdom 12, intelligence 12 for 5% bonus either 16+, for 10% bonus both scores 16+
Races: all
Genders: all
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Required: disguise
Recommended: dancing, etiquette, modern language, read/write, religion, forgery, read lips, set snares, ventriloquism.
Duties: guidance, marriage, missions involving plots or mischief.
Weapons limited to: Blowguns, bows (all), crossbow, dagger/dirk, javelin, knife, lasso, net, quarterstaff, spear, stiletto, sword (bastard/long/rapier/sabre/short),
NO METAL ARMOR ( magical chain allowed), NO SHIELDS
Spheres of Influence: all, divination, charm, protection, summoning MINOR: animal, elemental, guard, plant.
Granted Powers: Charm 3x/day, detect secret doors as an elf, elves ( 1-2 10' / 1-3 find doors/1-4 find portals).
Thieves: 10% granted bonus to all skills.