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The Calendar of Rugalanar

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The Calendar of Rugalanar
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This is where you will find the dates of character's birthdays as well as the dates of significant holidays.

Cold Moon Month     
13th  Zephanestra's Tribute Day
Quickening Moon Month
Feb 2nd Ravenan's Day
Storm Moon Month
March 21st Triliki's Gathering
Wind Moon Month
April 4th Teleriana's Festival
10th Ealiesha's Birthday
29th Orim's Birthday
Flower Moon Month
1st Festival of Anaphra
24th Kragen's Birthday
Strong Sun Month
13th Evan's Birthday
21st Reika/Renya's Sun Celebration
26th Kiara's Birthday
Blessing Moon Month
8th Ouhma's Petition Day
19th Shaido's Birthday
22nd Dmitri's Birthday
Corn Moon Month
1st Feast of Olanna
Harvest Moon Month
21st Lukala's Gathering
Blood Moon Month
17th Munky's Birthday
31st New Year's Day
Mourning Moon Month
23rd Zhekki's Birthday
29th Chynar's Gathering
Long Night's Moon Month
21st Yule

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